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Everything you need to know about the pH of your pool

The pH is a chemical value that indicates if your pool’s water is too acid or basic. When the pH is lower than 7.2, it means that the water is acid. On the other side, when the pH is higher than 7.6, the pool’s water is basic.

When the pool water’s pH turns acid, it can cause several problems for people such as eye and skin irritation. In the same way for materials, where the water will boost its wear and can cause problems like corrosion.

Have you ever seen some kind of sand on your pool water’s surface? Or when your pool’s water is not crystal clear and you have no idea why? Surprise! That is concentrated calcium, it appears due to a higher pH than 7.6 (a basic substance), and that is not all. The pool’s chlorine disinfection effect will diminish, increasing algae presence and causing more skin and eye irritation. Ugh!

It does not matter if your pool was used by many or few people lately, remember that the pH can also affect the wall’s materials. To keep everything clean and safe for using, we recommend a weekly check and correct on the pool’s pH level, because when it comes to pool maintenance, to check every so often is a must.

How to keep the pH of your pool at its optimum level?

To adjust a pool’s pH to its right values, a variety of pH regulators are required: 

  • If your pool has its pH values below 7.2 a pH booster will be needed to increase its values.
  • If your pool has its values above 7.6 a pH reducer will be just perfect to obtain the desired levels.

To determine how much of the product should be added to the pool, it is recommended to follow the instructions of the product’s manufacturer. Also, when adding the regulators, it must be done gradually and wait for a few hours before checking the pH level again.

Keep in mind that you are using chemicals so it is very important to follow the instructions as stated.

A lot of benefits come when the pool’s pH values are at its optimum level. From the efficiency optimization of other products like algaecide or chlorine to keep your pool free of bacteria which means you and your loved ones can enjoy a great time on the pool without worries!

Remember that it is also important to regularly clean your pool to get rid of any waste there might be. Pool services can do all of this for you so you don’t have to worry about working with chemicals and cleaning!

We offer different services, please feel free to share your needs with us and we will set up a pool service that fits just what you are looking for.

We will be glad to help you keep your pool as if it was brand new.